Wealth Management

We specialize in customizing and overseeing our clients’ investment portfolios based on their personal financial goals, needs and objectives. Our in-depth research and analysis applies scientific investment theory to current market conditions. We provide a fee-based portfolio management structure, which facilitates principles inherent with keeping our clients’ best interest at heart and sustaining long-term client relationships.

  • $1.06 Billion in Assets Under Management (as of 2/28/21)
  • Fee-Based Investment Portfolio Management
  • Continuous Account & Household Monitoring
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Asset Allocation
  • Financial Planning
  • Mutual Fund, ETF, & Index Fund Selection & Oversight
  • Fixed/Variable Annuity Products
  • In-Depth Security Research
  • Diversified Investment Models
  • Cash Replacement Models
  • College Savings Plans
  • Trust Services